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1. Discuss: What do you hope to accomplish by building your web site? Three of the more common goals are either to make money, promote a business or share information. But, why not do all three? We can show you several options on how you can monetize your site to generate a regular and ongoing passive income.

2. Draft:  Now we create a basic draft of the web site. It will have the important pages, menus and connecting links. While we do this, you'll be starting to gather the content together - what you want to put on those pages. If you already have brochures, handouts or other materials, that will be a good place for you to start.

3. Design:  The overall site design generally depends upon the target audience. If there is a web-site you like or a design that is ideal for your needs, we'll do our best to replicate. We could start with an "off the shelf" theme and modify it to save you money, or we could develop a custom theme or template specifically for your needs.

4. Develop:  The site is starting to take shape. Remember those brochures? The specific information only the client can provide - pamphlets, photos, logos, newsletters - will be placed as the sites content. This is where communication between developer and owner is the key to enusure a fuss free and optimum result. 

5. Deploy:  It's important that a website works on desktop and mobile devices. We test so that graphics display properly; make certain all links are working and eliminate typos. By now the client will have decided to use our hosting or source their own. Whatever way, we work together to ensure the site looks great and performs well.

6. Maintain:  Many sites - such as Word Press and other Content Management Systems (CMS) - require ongoing maintenance. The site can be secured with an Annual Maintanance Package or by the hour. But, if it's not a CMS it may not require ongoing maintenance. Host with and us minor changes to your site are included free!  

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